Policy and Procedures

  • REACH recognises every student’s right to privacy. REACH collects information about all the students through enrolment forms, assessment tasks, surveys and personal interviews. Any information collected is stored within REACH’s training database. We use this information in many different ways, for example to assess our students’ competencies, to analyse our marketing activities and for promotional purposes. REACH sometimes contacts its students and graduates to let them know about future products and services. In cases involving State or Commonwealth funding for a student’s training, REACH is obliged to submit their enrolment and progress details for statistical purposes. This does not include providing any student’s name or any other personal details.
  • During enrolment, students are required to sign a consent form that allows REACH to share these details with the appropriate government agencies. REACH does not share, rent or sell any personal information its students or corporate clients provide to it. The information collected by REACH is protected under the Commonwealth Privacy ACT 1988 and local State & Territories’ current privacy protection acts and regulations. All of REACH’s students are required to follow the Privacy Act.
  • Every student is required to observe discretion in his/her communications with other students, clients and stakeholders. Should REACH require to use any information collected for statistical or promotional purposes (i.e. editorial, photos for advertising purposes, etc), REACH will obtain the person’s written consent first and will not use any information unless this condition is satisfied.
  • REACH for Training reserves the right to make changes to its services including courses, unit costs and dates. The availability and composition of courses can vary with the locations. Please contact the nearest REACH for Training office for more information.