Anaseini Fekitoa

Certificate III/IV in Aged Care

"Enrolling into REACH for Training in the Aged Care course has enabled me to build confidence, gain knowledge, and update my qualification in a flexible, fun interactive learning style that motivates you to build up your self esteem to persevere. Highly recommended for anyone returning to the workforce after caring for the family. This course has enabled me to identify areas I would like to do further study in and areas I am not interested in. The trainer and staff continually encouraged me, and adjusted methods of teaching to meet individual student’s needs and requirements. Staff members are friendly and very helpful. Always willing to assist to ensure that all tasks are accomplished accurately, concisely and in a timely manner. REACH for Training has given me a new life, opening opportunities that I had never thought I could achieve.”

Elisepa Kafa

Certificate III/IV in Aged Care  (Current Student)

"The first time I met with REACH for Training, I was confused and did not understand because I’m not very good with English but I am now almost finished my Certificate IV in Aged Care. I thank my trainer, Nazmin Khan. She has taught me and helped me to achieve my goals. I have learnt a lot of new skills and my education has improved. FUN FUN ! Awesome course! I love going there. I have lots of new friends and the people are welcoming. REACH for Training has given an amazing opportunity to study and develop the skills and knowledge of Aged Care. This college is helping me make my dreams come true. Come along and have FUN !"

Taraiasi Kubukawa

Certificate III in Individual Support

"The thing that I enjoyed the most while studying at REACH was that I had the Trainer/Assessor available to answer my questions directly and guide me, allowing me to study at my own pace but keeping to the course structure and complete my qualification on time. When I needed help, support was right there and my Trainer/Assessor was always happy to help me. My experience was fantastic, I'm continuing my studies at REACH with  another course and loving it! I would definitely recommend REACH to my family and friends."

Prathana Kiss

Certificate IV in Aged Care

"I think that to study at REACH for Training is fantastic. The course I am studying has given me the necessary knowledge and skills for working in Australia. The trainer explains professionally and assists me to build my confidence. I can confidently say that my time at REACH for Training has been the best experience of my life. The trainer is friendly and always has time to help students with any problems. I have also met some wonderful friends. I’ve had such a great time that I would love to extend my time here."

Kayla Bowness

BSB30415 Certificate III Business Administration

“What I enjoyed most about studying with REACH was the extensive support and encouragement I was given by my trainer, I completed my cert III in business administration qualification within the time frame which gave me confidence to pursue my goals. Today I'm using my computer my skills I learnt at REACH to further my education at university and am using my qualification in part time employment in business administration. My experience was phenomenal and I do recommend REACH to my family and friends."

Deborah Sultana

 Certificate III/IV in Aged Care – Current Student

”After being a stay-at-home mum for the past 12 years, I decided to search for employment in the Aged Care sector, but I had to gain some knowledge about it. I began Cert III/Cert IV in Aged Care in July. It was very intimidating for me, returning to study after such a long time, but it has been amazing to realize that I could do this and I have truly enjoyed this experience. My trainer, Nazmin Khan, has been amazing, encouraging me and allowing me to step forward in a confident way and interact more in the class. The staff-members are very friendly. Sana was very informative and extremely helpful. It’s good that one can pay the course fees in installments, especially when you have a family. The fellow students have been very friendly and it has been great to know new people who share the same goals. I am truly grateful to Nazmin and the REACH staff for making the course informative and enjoyable”.

Shaminder Kang

Certificate III in Aged Care 

”The trainer, Nazmin, has given me an amazing opportunity to study and develop skills and knowledge of the Aged Care industry which I have wanted for a long time. The college is helping me make my dreams come true. I like coming to the institute, REACH for Training, as it is a great way to grow my current knowledge and obtain a better career. Nazmin is the most professional, passionate, caring , responsive and balanced human being that I have had the good fortune to meet. Nazmin is a gifted individual with an enormous wealth of knowledge and compassion. I have no hesitation in saying I hold an extremely high regard and would recommend her awesome abilities to any person inquiring.”