A great trainer! giving a lot of knowledge that can be used in practice.

- Minkyeong Yang

I have two beautiful trainers Paula Easey and Melissa Ball. Paula has been with me since I’ve started my apprenticeship and has been an amazing support system within my ongoing training. Melissa has just started working with me recently and I already have the best training with Mel, she answers all my questions and goes through my work extremely thoroughly with me. Any questions with my training or any help I might need, I know my trainers will be there any time!

- Hannah

Similarity between the training modules and my on the job experience gave me an idea of what to expect. Simplicity of the trainer workbooks/information booklets allowed me to work productively. Units highlighting to an extent, a number of roles in my service that I could relate to as they were effective and easy to understand. Great contact with the trainer and Coordinator in general made it feel as though i wasn't rushed and really made time for my study etc.

- Bailey Claude

After completing and receiving my qualification today from reach for training, I just want to advise you I have found reach for training by far the best type of training I have experienced so far. Paula my trainer was so helpful and pushed me to be the best hairdresser I could be. My training days were 1 on 1 which I really benefited from as all attention was on me and I was able to progress at my own pace rather then be overwhelmed in an understaffed class like I was a Tafe. My visits were monthly but I could always book extra visits if needed and had support 24/7

- Taneisha

The trainer helped me when needed during my training

- Codie Fry

The trainer encouraged me to express my views in all ways in class and receive feedback.

- Gavin Andrew Hunter

Having Joan as my teacher. She is always friendly, helped me if I was ever stuck, I loved the environment. I would defiantly go back to do another course if I wanted to.

- Shania Wallace

Experience and knowledge of the teaching staff is great in REACH

- Deon Ashleigh

After recently completing my apprenticeship and receiving my qualification, I just wanted to say a massive Thankyou to Paula. I wouldn’t be here within my industry without her. Her training is amazing. Sometimes I struggled to understand things by just reading it and Paula would explain it deeply to me and then it would all make so much sense. Reach for training was the best possible training I have ever received! 1 on 1 training was perfect and just what I needed. Paula was so easy to contact via whatsApp and was right there when I needed her. Thank you again Paula for being the most amazing trainer and also becoming my friend!

- Taneisha Tia

Having the support from the trainer when needed, having my work load taken into consideration

- Jennifer Anne Martin

Trainers helped me gain all the knowledge on how to become individual support in Disability.

- Rowena Gerial

Courses were easy to access online, the website was well set out.

- Jasper Southgate

I changed my apprentice’s training scheme to Reach for Training 12 months ago. My apprentice was at the beginning of her second year when I changed to Reach for Training. I had to do something as where she was with her training scheme it wasn’t working. I had a meeting with Paula and Jarrod who are professional and explained all the processes, and I was very impressed. The transition to Reach was smooth and super easy. If you are thinking of making the change DO IT NOW! You will not be disappointed. Lisa one of the trainers is the absolute bomb. Since changing it has given my apprentice so much more confidence as it is so well structured. What I love is that the apprentice gets a one on one with the trainer, and it’s done in the salon. No more days out of the salon for their training.

- Sophie Kokum Hair Skin & Body

Hi Paula, Thankyou for everything you have done, if it wasn’t for you I definitely would have come as far as I have. I have loved having you in the salon and I hope to see you again soon.

- Stevie

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Samantha West, whom I have had the privilege of having as my trainer. After experiencing the guidance of multiple trainers in the past, i found myself with Samantha. Throughout the final stages of my apprenticeship, she consistently ensured that my work met standards, and making sure i understood everything. Samantha knew how dedicated and motivated i was towards completing my apprenticeship successfully, offering unwavering encouragement and support. And despite my frequent and perhaps numerous enquiries, she exhibited patience and responsiveness. I always found our practical learning sessions enjoyable, thanks to her remarkable teaching abilities. She excels in teaching various techniques and delving into intricate details, making the learning experience both insightful and engaging. 1st Feb, 2024 Warm regards

- Kallie Bailey

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Paula Easey, whom I have had the privilege of having as my trainer and someone who has been there through the entirety of my apprenticeship. After experiencing the guidance of multiple trainers in the past, Paula made sure I ended up with a trainer that would truly coach me through the rest of my apprenticeship. Paula knew how dedicated and motivated I was towards completing my apprenticeship successfully, offering unwavering encouragement and support. And despite my frequent and perhaps numerous enquiries through email, phone, text, she was always able to take time out of her day to help me where I needed. I will always appreciate the role that Paula played throughout my apprenticeship and I know she’ll be there supporting every other student just as much as she supported me.

- Kallie Bailey
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